Countless of times I looked up Sopa de Tortilla so I can give a little bit of history but as results came up, I came to terms that Sopa de Tortilla is a very limited subject to be informed on. According to Larousse Mexican Cookbook, my library book, the dish was originated from many places, but is more commonly made in Central Mexico. After I looked up who has studied the dish or just the food in the culture, a woman named Diane Kennedycame up showing that she also wrote a cookbook that made her the “Julia Child of Mexican Cuisine.” Moving from Wales to Mexico, Kennedy explored her dishes in the Mexican culture.

However, like other dishes there are many traditions on how to prepare Sopa de Tortilla so everyone may enjoy it. On different occasions one may prepare the dish with chicken, topped with sour cream, diced tomatoes, and sliced avocados. Whereas others may used shredded lettuce and green chilies, but looking at the recipe from Larousse Mexican Cookbook it mentioned I should go traditional by using chicken, fried tortillas, epazote (a herb), tomatoes, oil, onions, garlic, chicken broth and other herbs that I may or may not have heard of before this assignment.


  • Lynn McCollum says:

    Our Grandson Jack Ohringer goes to Tuffs and told us you are his very favorite place to eat. We would like to give him a gift certificate or gift card for holidays. We live in Oregon, how would you suggest we do that? Thank you! I sure can see why he likes it as the food looks amazing! ,Lynn

  • YIYI CHEN says:

    It looks great! I would love to try this next time.

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